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Amazing as usual..



Why is there a need to be popular in society?
What happened to people just being themselves?
Around others people change unjustifiably,
When around you they act like their self,
People try to make themselves more interesting,
Even when you know who they really are,
From the real person their distancing,
Some of the things they say are totally bizarre,
Telling fake stories just to get attention,
Acting big and getting in trouble in school,
Because of that they will get detention,
But they don’t care because they think it’s cool,
Even the older want to be accepted,
All ages still want recognition,
Their real personality is closely protected,
Keeping up their act is a daily mission,
Desperately seeking to be in with the crowd,
They will do anything at any cost,
Instead of being themselves and proud,
Their trapped in a body and totally lost,
If they act…

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