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They were craving for more and wheeling for meaning. To open a place of their own. It might have lead to triumph, if they hadn’t wolfed all the accents: the flounderings and the groundlings. A round letter ate a flat, then a flat ate an accented, then one whispered, Viva the Revolution.


One held a banner under his chin.  One played a flute in the corner. One practiced marching at night on the lawn. One was vain. One got the boot.  One brushed his horse, ready for battle. One wrote love letters. One filed invoices. One memorized the Bill of Rights. One braided and unbraided their hair in the mirror. One dreamt of a brighter day of equality where all members would be free.                                                                                                                                                     

One fled.


They were all in-betweening, all careening and just believing, They were all lustfully-bleeding for an inn of…

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