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I’m having fun, what about you? Maze a day 102 « MAZE A DAY

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I’m having fun, what about you? Maze a day 102 « MAZE A DAY:

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India Crusade

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Hello Milena and Praise the Lord!
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to ask you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers this coming week.  A month or two ago I emailed many of you telling you about the coming crusade & medical camp we would be hosting in West Bengal India.
Myself, Pastors Kenneth Gurley & Dr. Fred Childs, Evangelist David Bryan, Rev. Michael McFarland and several wonderful medical staff and other ministers are heading out tomorrow morning for the crusade.
Please keep these ministers and this crusade in your prayers this week.  It will start Tuesday morning which is actually Monday evening in the US.  We are believing God for 3 days and nights of miraculous signs and wonders as He confirms His Word at this crusade.  Please agree in prayer with us that the thousands of sweet believers in West Bengal will experience an outpouring of the Holy Ghost like never before.
This work of God is experiencing incredible growth and increase.  We are constantly reaching out for every bit of help we can get to keep the momentum of what God is doing there moving forward.  Please ask your church to hold us up in prayer this week and to believe God for the miraculous for this crusade.
Having said all that, I hesitate to request this, but if there is any way that you or your church could help sponsor this crusade we could sure use your help.  Our biggest need as we get ready to leave is still the financial support needed to feed the people who attend the crusade.  We have much of this need covered by the many people like yourself who have sent in a gift to help us with this.  Any support you could offer would be greatly appreciated (If you have not already).
I will paste below the email that I sent out a few months ago. 
Thank you again so much, for your prayers and all the kind support that has been offered so far.  Something of this magnitude would never be possible without all the people who have come together to help make this happen. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! is the link to donate if you are able.
Rev. James Smith
President, PreachIt Ministries
If You want and are able to help to our friends in India,please do help or visit their original site on the uper link.
Thank You and Gog bless You all!
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