To You my Beloved – Lesbian Life

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To You my Beloved – Lesbian Life: “y adoring beloved You!

You came out of my dreams forfilling all what I wanted in life.For me it is hard to come closer.But neverless I am amazed and amused by each and every move You make.Sometimes I find You in all unusual places like You want to be my all.

Funny thing that I didn’t even realised how much You are inside my thoughts,my words,my spirit and my mind.You are my magic Lady with the most beautiful Heart.Beyond the words,time and places You are.Like You overtake my own heart,no,You are too gentle for that.I gave my heart to You to do with it what ever You like to.I do believe land of Love are there where You are.Simply by being You.

My beloved Lady of my Heart,I am going now but remember I am always taking Your heart with me.Sweet dreams!

Eternally Your Sparrow”

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