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David’s tree story « Treewhispers: “1 DAVID’S TREE STORY.

2 Growing up in Northfield, we had two trees in the

3 front yard that were probably 50 yards apart. And my

4 father — I had two brothers. My father had the idea

5 of putting a rope high between the two trees and

6 fixing a pulley system with a rope and a round seat.

7 And then he took a — probably a one-story ladder,

8 leaned it up against the higher tree, and you could

9 take the swing up with you, put the round swing

10 between your legs and glide down between the trees.

11 And so that was our own little amusement park in the

12 front yard

13 Anyone ever get hurt?

14 No. No one ever got hurt surprisingly. We even got

15 creative in the fall. We would rake the leaves and

16 then burn them. And then of course you’d go over

17 them — not flaming, but smoldering. Do something

18 kind of daring.

19 But the trees weren’t, you know, extremely mature.

20 And now I drive by the house in Northfield and

21 they’re fortunately still there. But they’re very

22 mature.

23 Did you bend them?

24 No, they were quite strong when we had them. But the”

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