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Radclyffe Hall: Biography from

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Radclyffe Hall: Biography from

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glbtq >> literature >> Hall, Radclyffe:

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glbtq >> literature >> Hall, Radclyffe

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glbtq >> literature >> Hall, Radclyffe:

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About Love

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f the love does not come from inside, if love is not felt as passion, as God’s Divine spark that enables us to exist, we project that love onto an object or a person. When we do not have a connection to the inside, we seek the love outside. When we do this through projection or transference, we cross the line into narcissism.

The love that comes from the inside is free, powerful and does not require anything from anybody. We love because we feel the love. This is the prize. If the love is projected onto an object that is to be desired, then it becomes narcissistic. We want the thing for ourselves and in terms of our own agenda. Maybe we want to feel good, to avoid our shame, our pain, our insecurity. Maybe we want to make others responsible for all the things we are not facing because we cannot get the love.

In the end, we are bereft.

When someone loves us but only to meet his/her own needs, then there is an agenda attached to that love. It is not unconditional. This is projected love. An example is parents with an only child. They may want their child to do and be everything they could not do or be themselves. This is narcissistic love. They love the child, but only in terms of their own needs.

There is a love that transcends need, narcissism, abuse. The love that comes from the inside allows us to love without that narcissistic need. This does not exclude relationship, need for others, marriage, and so on. It does mean, however, that there is a love that does not use us. There is a purer form of love that is embodied by the Archetypes, by the inner world or spirit. We recognize and know somewhere inside that this love does exist. We just cannot find it because we keep looking for it outside. True spiritual, enlightened souls have the love from the inside. These are the ones we look to as teachers.

We are afraid of falling in love because love actually has a dark side. Once we are in love, we are chained to each other’s pathology. It is like we have to take care of each other in a way that is dishonest. Falling in love can be tremendously bad unless both people have tremendous integrity and bring to the relationship their own sense of being loved by the Divine. From this place of being loved, we have something to offer to the other person. To the degree that we do not have the place of being loved, we have nothing to offer but a black hole of need and conflict.

The man may become possessive and not let his partner work or see her friends. In this scenario, he projects all of his insecurity as a male onto her and does not want her to do anything that would scare him. Women, too, project their anxiety and fears onto their partners. The result is that we enslave each other through what we call love. He says, “I love you,” and beats her for going out with her friends. She says, “I love you,” and beats him down because he watches too much football or he gets food in his teeth or he makes her look bad.

Even so, most of us talk a great deal about commitment to our partners. This is the Big Lie. Why should we commit to something that does not even exist? Why should we commit to being controlled by another person because the other person has no self-worth? Both men and women are like this – we want our partners to give us self-worth, but it can never happen.

from Arhetypal Dreamwork Bloggger

Bed time story for You

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One of my favorite  stories is the story of the man who had an opportunity to visit heaven and hell before he died. St. Peter asked the man where he wanted to go. He told St. Peter to take him down to hell. There he saw a beautiful banquet hall with the finest food and drink you could imagine. When he looked at the people he saw that they were skin and bones and that they were cursing and swearing at each other. He told St. Peter to take him up to heaven. In heaven, he saw the same beautiful banquet hall filled with the finest food and drink. When he looked at the people, he saw that they were healthy and robust and that they were laughing and singing. The man asked St. Peter what was going on. St. Peter responded, “Did you see the silverware.” Strapped to each arm was a four foot fork and a four foot knife. Now, we all know we can’t eat with such large silverware. The people in hell were so busy getting everything for themselves that nobody got anything. Up in heaven each person would feed the person across from him and that person would feed him back. The message is very simple but powerful: if you help other people get what they need and want you will get everything you need and want.


My adoring beloved …..
So this is a good night thoughts/story for You.I want so much to tell You more but I will be here in the morning again.
May Your dreams be calm as an ocean at this hour and peacefully as music of the Universe and the stars.
May my love and adoration surround Your heart as much as You need it in life.
Eternally Your  @>———  ❤

My beloved

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 am longing to hear Your words.
As much as I try and try to find..well,love in this world it seems that I should never even try to.
You are the only Beauty in my life.
My most adored Love,now I am even affraid to call You wife,I am so scared.
Yes I know Your Heart and You know mine,but what if the outside world want us appart?
I am holding myself on Your poem You did send me today.She brought me joy,so much joy and Your Love.
My sweetest Woman,will You know me heart as I want You to.
I am letting the time pas by,I feel safe here,I can freely breath here..that is the place You will come.
I was so happy when I got Your letter,then wonderful poem of my beloved Poet and then magic card with Your beutiful words of Love.Card with Roses from  Your own heart.
Please my Love,come back,I need You.
I am telling myself that Your Heart will always know,feel the true.
You said that I gave You Your voice back and flight.I loved to take a journey with You my beloved and cherish Lady.
I belong to You,I said until my last breath,but I want You to be free to do what ever Your mind tell You to do.I love Your mind.I admire Your mind as much as my own.
Maybe I am not humble but in my mind and heart I was/am so proud to be called Your.
Eternally Your

The Nightingale-writings after a poem

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From a letter from STC to Wordsworth after writing The Nightingale:

In stale blank verse a subject stale
I send per post my Nightingale;
And like an honest bard, dear Wordsworth,
You’ll tell me what you think, my Bird’s worth.
My own opinion’s briefly this–
His bill he opens not amiss;
And when he has sung a stave or so,
His breast, & some small space below,
So throbs & swells, that you might swear
No vulgar music’s working there.
So far, so good; but then, ‘od rot him!
There’s something falls off at his bottom.
Yet, sure, no wonder it should breed,
That my Bird’s Tail’s a tail indeed
And makes its own inglorious harmony
Æolio crepitû, non carmine.

(from poetry)

Elizabeth B.Browning

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If God compel thee to this destiny,
To die alone, with none beside thy bed
To ruffle round with sobs thy last word said
And mark with tears the pulses ebb from thee,–
Pray then alone, ‘ O Christ, come tenderly !
By thy forsaken Sonship in the red
Drear wine-press,–by the wilderness out-spread,–
And the lone garden where thine agony
Fell bloody from thy brow,–by all of those
Permitted desolations, comfort mine !
No earthly friend being near me, interpose
No deathly angel ‘twixt my face aud thine,
But stoop Thyself to gather my life’s rose,
And smile away my mortal to Divine ! ‘

The Castles of Wales

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The Castles of Wales:

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To my Angel

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There is no need for words.
You do know everything I got inside me.
Thank You for coming again.
eternally your

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