A Message to You

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2011 at 8:13 am

People are funny and easy to reject God.
And then you wonder why it is such a …
It’s funny how we believe the newspapers, while doubting the Bible …
The funny thing is that everyone would love to Raj
free to believe and ogovre or act according to teachings of the Bible …
It’s funny how someone says, “I believe in God”
a walk through a sin (lying, cursing, does not deal with God, maybe just on Sundays)
It’s funny how much nonsense you are sending e-mail that a fire is raging everywhere …
But when you get something about faith, think twice where to post, ..
Consider the ratio in which these messages as they are dealing with God.
It’s funny how much violence, immorality, deceit, gossip, jokes heard daily.
And at school, at work, not a word about Jesus and his works.
Jel our shame?
Ridiculous is not it?
It’s really funny how some pregnant at the sermon. And in everyday life, nobody knows that he is a believer. It works like everyone else.

Jel still funny?
The funny thing is that when’s desire to continue to send this message … No pick-known addresses, but think twice to whom you send.

What will think about you so send something.
It’s funny how important they think the other is about me ..
but what God thinks … It does not matter. Ridiculous .. or rather scary …

So, with whom you share this message? With anyone? Think, he will say that you love God!

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