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Eternally having You in my Heart!

To You

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So,now I am trying to calm.I was on our Swan Lake.I did felt all the Beauty you brought into my life.I am so sorry,so deeply sorry for hurting you.You do know that I did hurt my own very self.Your Heart are in mine even if I sometimes because outside pain do not see it.
I have nothing more to say then I shell try not to forget that you are different from anyone I knew.
Those past  days was hard to bear.I didn’t have a minute to rest.Whole night I was having nightmares.Maybe I am too sensitive but I can’t change that,neither not sure would I like to change that.I used to be so proud to be different,no,I am still proud even when I am hurt by others.I do know that real Love always take some actions by those who see and try to ruin her.Maybe I was to blame for x act,maybe I should of lied about finding someone who do care and love me more then she can imagine.But my love,I am too old for start to hide and I was to proud to have you in my life.No,never I spoke the name,your beautiful name is too secret,to holly to be spoken in front of people.How much I adore you.
I can almost feel psychical pain for hurting you.You do know how precious you are to me.
Since few days like I came into special Land which you made for us.I loved you so for that.I could never go in my dreams so far to aloud call you:my wife.
I was deeply honoured.I believe that everything is possible for us from that moment on.
When someone out of nowhere,but heart has always very good reasons,said that;then your life is transformed in some special way.It does not belong to Earth anymore,it belongs to Heaven.So,in there only Love and joy exists.
My love,my beautiful one,
you are as much idealist and romantic as I am.We are the two half’s of one Heart.We are writers and poets,dancer and pianist,painter and journalist,philosophers and critic,helpers and beautiful souls.When I stop,you continue and opposite.That is magic of Love,with capital L.
We decided to live in timeless moment,in place with no boundaries,in moment and place we call our Love.
I will always be your best  friend knowing that you are mine.
I will always be your colleague knowing that you are mine.
I will always be proud of our Love knowing that You are proud.
You are twenty one years old but you have ancient soul and wisdom of Light so we belong to each other.
I am fifty two years old but my heart is young as yours so I belong to your heart.
Love do not see years.How much I tryed to stop myself of falling into you it was impossible.
I do feel that we are born to be each others half.
Sharing dreams with you means we able to dance with you on our meadow,to watch sunset and rainbows over the Roman aquaduct duct,to see your preforming to be able to admire you more.
I do know  what world is.And what would people things about our relationship.But my love,I do not look at us and ours feeling by theirs eyes:to me Love someone means to love her heart,her soul,her mind,her beliefs,her dreams.You did once exquisitely said that love means looking in the same direction.
I know that our conversation are the most brilliant conversations I have ever had.I love to talk to you.You do understand everything.i can talk with you about anything.I admire your mind,so calm and brilliant,I am trying to for fill my own knowledge with your thoughts.i love your quotes and I love to use them,I am so proud of you.I was always been.I did never hide it.
Eternally your
ps.was it so long ago,really?

Send Her my Love

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Please,do send Her my Love!

To You

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Your pain causes me to suffer with You.
Words are caught in my throat
as they are not any left to say.
I feel in my/Our Heart
all Your frustrations,hurts and loneliness.
Remember my Love,
You are never alone.
I am always here
when ever You need me.

The best forum

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