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I am Sorry

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I do not know how to bring back the time.I am lost.I do not want that ever.It is time to bring back the time ot to change everything in this life.
Good night my little one!
I do miss You.

My Beloved Son

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My most beloved son,
There is almost whole month that You moved in better world,in nicer and brighter one.I am here left to go on without Your presence.
No one really want to talk about that,people do whisper behind my back I can feel there thoughts.They do not really understand anything at all.
Who on earth can see pain inside my heart?I even do not know why am I in such pain..Is it regrets?Am I sorry for leaving You?Am I tired of all living beings?
I do not know my little one.
We used to feel each other feelings without being close..but I am now so wrong because we were always closer then any I used to know.You were always my angel.You always knew just to love.
There was one special soul who told me that You do live just in another shape..I do believe her.I do believe that You are alive somewhere in timeless space.
My little angel,I do miss You so much that every time when I look in the sky I feel You..I am talking in my heart with You.Now there is noone besides me,do You know why?I do not know anything anymore.Just month ago I was the most happiest woman in the world.I did never thought that is going to change,ever.But it happened.You passed away.I am so tired my love,just tired.

Lord,help us

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Please be with us!

Too Tired

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Does it feel right?

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