To all my visitors&friend from America

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2011 at 4:46 pm

I want to apolosgise to all of You who lives in United States.My morning posts were not meant to be to any of You good people.I know many of You by words..I am deeply sorry if I did offend You personally.I am going through hard times,not apologise,but I am and I have no more words to write calm and nice.I am hurt mostly by people I love.That is real hard for me.Maybe I am just old fool and I do not understand world any more,no more then people.People change themself so easy..I did not forget any of words they gave me as a present.There is one very sad person among You from America,I did unintensionally hurt Her feelings but I ask forgivness so many many times..each was wrong for Her.I do not know what does She want from me..once I gave Her my heart..she left me without words for months..Some of You do know of whom I am talking abaut,from am now too tired because I do feel Her still and I do know what She have done lately.
Please,do forgive me for my words.It was for one very special person.
So,I am begging You again in front of all these poeple,just give me a break.
God bless You all in America!
with respect eternally m.

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