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Beautiful Anastasia 2

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Dear Staša,

Once more thank You for everything,thank You for permission to take Your beutiful pictures from Your site.
Thank You for just being. 

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To all my visitors&friend from America

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I want to apolosgise to all of You who lives in United States.My morning posts were not meant to be to any of You good people.I know many of You by words..I am deeply sorry if I did offend You personally.I am going through hard times,not apologise,but I am and I have no more words to write calm and nice.I am hurt mostly by people I love.That is real hard for me.Maybe I am just old fool and I do not understand world any more,no more then people.People change themself so easy..I did not forget any of words they gave me as a present.There is one very sad person among You from America,I did unintensionally hurt Her feelings but I ask forgivness so many many times..each was wrong for Her.I do not know what does She want from me..once I gave Her my heart..she left me without words for months..Some of You do know of whom I am talking abaut,from am now too tired because I do feel Her still and I do know what She have done lately.
Please,do forgive me for my words.It was for one very special person.
So,I am begging You again in front of all these poeple,just give me a break.
God bless You all in America!
with respect eternally m.

I Miss You

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That is all what I have in my heart.If I can take days back I knew what would I have done.Now I have to contuniu to do what?
To miss You?!

Meadow from my dream

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Long time ago,when I was little girl I played on a meadow like this.I have never thought that I will be disapier from that meadow.There are so many meadows in the world,why is this one so special?I do not knew what was there.
For me it was so presious that I could only heard silence when You are coming back into birth town after many many years.
It is raining day today,day of aqua..many words remaind me of this meadow.I did not knew to find the way towards her..I thought she will be there eternally.Lord,please keep this meadow safe and all the people there.

To my Visitor from USA,part 2

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I have never doubt that You would not show Yourself again.
I have no comment this time.

To my Visitor from USA

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Good evening to You my loyal Visitor,or should I call You a friend?!
But You are not my friend,You are coming regulary each minute I post anything here..not because You like me.I can feel people,I could always know why any of You came.I do not have friends,I have guests..I did never understood how and why did You choose to leave without words.You are brave woman coming here where my heart is open.What do You want to see?My pain?Must be,because You was not coming when I was happy.Well,it makes me,no,You make me feel partially bad just by being here.I would like to,but I do not want anything especially not from You.You show each time who You really are.Only wolfs came here and watch my sorrow.Are You happy now,are You satisfied?You have to be,You winn.You are the winner.God bless You no matter,be happy my friend.

Morning Coffee for You

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Like Your friend I want to give You something even I do know that You do not need me,never did.Each time I take coffee I remember on You and our taste.My “orzo” with Your rise.From the bigginning we were different.I needed You,You did not.Well over this morning coffee I am remainding You that You have full acsses to all what is my on web,my passwort will remain the same.You can remove all You want.I do not care,and yes I am laying because I always cared.I hate when I am weak but iz was not meant to be,never really.Someone very bright once said that there is no anding for what is always.Love cannot die.If she does,that was not love at all.
Be blessed my friend!I wish You as always joy & Love

Good morning!

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Good morning to You,

I don’t want to write very much,I want to close myself into a silence.My friends on Danubius say on their photo,that the only thing we are going to take with ourselves is footsteps of Love.That is the only thing we gave to the world.
I don’t want to commant this,I know it is true.
But do we all?


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Take my heart I gave it to You freely.Why did You had to take all I had?.I do not believe in love any took it from me.Why??.
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