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My Lord

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My Lord,

Please be with me tonight.Just one night,just this one.I cannot stay alone.
Please be here in my heart.You are the only one who know colours of my Love..if I have to live on,be with me from this moment on,do not ever leave me.
Bless all thouse who were in my heart and the one who is always in.I cannot wish then her joy and happines what ever it takes,what ever she wants.
Just be with me tonight.Amen.

Hmmm?Why my beloved?

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Do You really need a words?

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Do You really need the words?
You do know all my words,I will send my the most treasured words so You could put them together into a meaning:
Love,breath,Life,Naithingale,a Poet,Rainbow,heart,timeless,a passion,star,Universe,wings,poem,swan,meadow,bee,baterfly,garden of Roses,
white Rose,wriitings,a dance,sky,eternally,beloved,adoring,a dream,a wish,Lake of dreams,timless,breathless,eyes,smile,warm,secred,a Woman,an artist,ballerina,piano,music,a word,an ocean,a river,the Sun,a Nature,a grass,the book,idealisam,the Moon,a Journey,the Feather,a endless space,between,unise,The Sonnet,Bright,embrace of love,my Wife.

Thank You

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Thank You.

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