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Khalil Gilbran Love letters

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EXTRACT FROM LOVE LETTERS-Each and every one of us must have a resting place somewhere.The
resting place of my soul is a beautiful grove where my knowledge of you

-I realised that all the trouble I ever had about you came from some smallness or fear in myself.

-The most wonderful thing is that U and I are always walking
together,hand in hand,in a strangely beautiful world,unknown to other
people.We both stretch one hand to receive from Life-and Life is
generous endeed.

For You

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  This is my 100 posts.I want to celebrate it with You.
  Thank You for being here.
  May this be blessings to us both!

  with love

Dear Sappho

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Dear Sappho,
Today is very important day in my life.Before I go into it,I came here to read once more this,one of the most beautiful poem I ‘ red in my whole life (and I red so many..).I want to feel joy of aweakeness once more.To You writing looks like breathing,so natural,so easy;that’s my reading looks alike.I wanted so much to write a critique for this poem.Why?I do believe that is the most what can anyone of us do to the poet.In commenting on a poem we’re trying to help the writer whether She has succeeded in what she set out to do in the poem.It’s therefofe important not only to say wheter we like or dislike something but also to say specifically why.However,sometimes it is not always easy for people doing their critiques to identify precisely !why! they like a poem or not,and sometimes I don’t even know would poets like to have a cristque.

So,because of all that,I did read “Song of Sappho” aloud several times,and tryed and focused on what I think the overall message or meaning is.It’s called poem summary.Here all is about Love,old Love,new one in the very beginnings.I did never wrote streight into the reply windows.I did print out this poem and I did carry it with me for several days,making annotations as ideas about it come to me.In other words;I don’t like to rush.So now I can say litlle more I like to share with You:

In the reading the poem aloud I like the way how words do sound,they easily trips off the toungue.Sentences has their own elegancy in awkwardly and individual words are used (diction) seem to “fit”.Ouite often Your poems have a specific speaker,or “voice”,very important and here in Song I found it is convincing in the contest of whole sond.Voice,so call it,is Your very own Heart.This poem is easily seen like a paintings.It is quite a rare poem that is successful by being vague but You did it with Song.I try to see and didn’t find abstract concepts and I do admire You for that.You are sowing us particulac kind of love but so discreet and with eleganse that I must say I was supriced because of Your age.Methaphors is an even stronger way to show characteristics,the poet transfer the actual indentity but in most original words.Lines in poems are sometimes short and do slow up reading speed but with imense importants.But longer lines are put there for very good reason.Fragmantations is very nicely wrriten.I do adore it.

Now I have to go.I am asked for.Keep writing and please,never stop.

As always Joy and Love

That was written on of August 2011AD.It was about the most beautiful poem I have ever read in my life.I cannot write here this poem,it was written by my young friend ,if I ever get her permission to copy it here I will be honoured to bring it here.
I was givenn permission to translate this poem on croatian so I am working on it and when I finish I do hope She will give me permission to put it here.That day was very important day of my life also because that was last day I heard  voice of my beloved Lady.

Lost in Translation

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My beloved Lady I am trying to see all things needed to be calm in life.I do not have lot of time so I am doing all the best I can.Looking posts here I do realised how much I miss You.It is hard to give time to other exept You,hm?

“Lost in translation”..well from time to time I just let my Heart do all the writing.I do not like grammaer..I am not like You.You take You time and do it perfectly.That’s one of the reason why do I love You in the first place.Love can’t loose herself in translation.That is all Beauty of Love.I wish You very wonderful days full of joy and smiles.May You be blessed by thoese who have something to tell You.

I adore Thee,eternally your

The colours

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Danubius forum

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Hmmm,again I am putting my forum here on my blog.
I do have a reason for this.
Go I find my reason! 

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My adored beloved

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My beloved,I do not want to write a poem here,i do not want to write any more poems.There is really no poetry in life so it is all so far what I want to give You.In the future I do not believe.I believed in something what is not here any more.I want to be brave and look into a life no matter what is means.I have never thought that we could lose ourself in translations.I know we are not lost.Never.It is imposible for that what we had.

Someone here would be very glad to know all that but I do not mind that any more.It was what it meant to be,nothing less,nothing more.I am sorry for all words especially thoese unspoken.But You know me as much as I know You.The game we played was beautiful untill last part but how did old Willy said:

We are all actors…..and life is a stage.I know I am parafrasing it,my memory doesn’t work any more and I do not care.It was all what could only be,a dream.Willy has one play,I did forgot the title,the Summer night dream..ha ha ha..I can imagine how would be to be an actor.I could never be an actor.I could play some games,I could even dance but I could never preform that I am something I am not or play with being in love.I wold never be on Your place..i am too honest and too proud for this.I am,but yes,I am still so proud of my love towards Thee..I am proud to be different in this world where everything is about a game.How can anyone call that a game?Really just a simple,plaine game?I do not believe,I do not want to believe.I am tired but still awake,I am still waiting.It is not my first time,You knew that I would wait like an ancient woman.I believe in loyalty..I do not write a word corectly,I don’t mind that either.I have to be calm to be able to write without mistackes but now I am not calm.I am little sick when I remember all what was said between us.

No,I had never played with anybody in life.Even Cristina knew that.I do not know how long I am going to write this here,maybe it would be better if I start writing about some poems here.I told You before,I found here some really good writings.It was better when I was doing that what I know the best.You didn’t have to be jalouse of any of here,I just love to read and write about poems.Yes,I do miss my work,what is someoone without it’s work.Because of You I left many of them without a word,that was not nice.You will be suprice when You come home.I took liberty to translate some of writings from here,well at least I am starting to live again.Yes,without You.I am going back to be what I always was,just one reader here.Nothing more.I will learn myself how to breath again.I will.I have to.I will never ever come close noone.You took me opportunity to choose by myself.Hope was empty word.There is no hope in my side of story.

I wish You all the best in life.Be careful next time.I love You,I will always love You,I promiced You,until my last breath.

Eternally Yours,Sparrow


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