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Behind the scenes

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 I try to breath,deep and calm.
I am asking your self “Why?On Earth,why love?”
Behind the scene:
research and development,theft,cheating,investigation,complex,
objectify,rejact,male dominated entertainment,environment,conquest,unguarded,
betrayed,uninspired,out of date,not to code,disinterested..
You were truly an inspiration of my life.

Quote of Your Love

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Not loving is,but a long duying.”

I do not know about love anything more then You whispered to my heart.
There was a time when I believed all You said.
I do not have any chance to win in this contest..was that a contest?
All I saw is way of Your Love.
You beat me with Your words.

Love Story

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        My beloved lady,

From time to time I do come here writing to You.Always in my heart I hope that I will get
Your letter..never happen since today.I do not want to lose a hope,You was the one who brought a hope back into my life.
I am holding my love to You like I am holding my own is all the sama part of one story,story about Our Love.
I saw today a Nightingale..
I know that You can feel all my feelings,each and every emotion;Thank You my Love.

Eternally your

Danubius forum

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I am not going to translate what is written there,You come and see by Yourself!
You are all welcome there!

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