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Thank You Lord for Saving Americans!

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Dear Lord of endless Universe,
I want to thank You for saving all my friends in United States.I was writing on each and evey my forum or site writing My Prayer to You,begging for their lives.
Late last night (it was 9.30pm by our Florida time)
one of my friends call me at least and said it’s finished.The huricane,She is so young,she said that the huricane was mercyful.
Forgive her,I know in my heart that You did all by Yourself!
Thank You Lord!
I love You!

Danubius Forum

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    They are not like others,

          they are real friends!

   World where I feel happy!

You can find them on Facebook too!

Sending all my Love in thousands…… 

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Morning Blessing

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Good morning my Love,

I am little late today but I am here finally that’s all it counts.I didn’t sleep much too good,I have lot of on my mind.
I will come later to You!
May the Lord,Creator of everlasting life and love be gentle to You and His litlle angels may guard upon Your steps.
I am sending all my personal blessings;I want You to be happy,safe and sound.

Fly my with wide open wings of Love.

Eternally your

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