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Why do I Love You

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I love You with a dancing dress or with a hat.
I love You with this or that
I love You with a n because,She is my wife.
I love You with c because,She is my dream.
I love You when You talk or not.
I love You when You smile or crying.
I love You when You fly up up to the sky and when You look into a wall paper.
I love You when You write so quicly and when You take a hike.
I love You when You are with me and when You smile to others.
I love You as a Rose love a Sun and like a stars fallin of in the Moon.
I love You as my bride,my soul mate,my teacher,my student, my friend. and above all like my Love.

Sweet dreams my beloved!
Eternally your  @>———–

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Yes,I do

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True Friendship

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Passion for a Rose

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A Gentle Word of Creation

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Take a moment and paint a picture of Your very own journey.Think about some questions and try to answer them in Yourself.
What colour is my journey?
Has a path been straight,upward,moving or circuitous?
Where am I on this path?
Where is my love one,my familly,my cooworkers,my mentors,my teachers,my students,my friends,my God?
What does my environment look like?
Now paint in Your spirit.Or You can on the paper too.Now try to consider negative components of Your life (disregard,disconnection,rejaction,death of dreams.Try to form in spirit what do You think how looks like other side of all this negativity,look positivly.God is Creator,even if You are atheist You do have Your own image of GGod.
Imagine loss turn to growth,disconnection to connection,rejaction to acceptance.
Try to put that in Your picture.
What does is look like for Creator to work all thing good in Your life?Please try to remember more of them.
What shape,what colors,what space in needed for God’s transformative redeeming work?
Now You do divide a piece of paper in half by folding it down the middle.On one side paint a picture of how You see Yourself on Your worst bad hair,bloated,bags under eyes.Beside that,create an image what is God’s look on You.
Use all unconventual colors,textures and images.

And in last,paint a prayer of intercession for Your Love ones.
Choose a verse or poem,even music if she likes it..anything that would mean something special and presious to Her/Him.Put it on  the bottom of Your picture.Now try to imagine words of poems or try to imagine music put in shapes,colors,textures.
If You are compelled,roll up the paintings,tie it with a bow,find one red(or white Rose) and offer it to Her/Him like a gift.
You may be very supriced when You discover in deepth of yours,that You did just paint Your first prayer.

I love You all where ever You are.
God,You know all about my paint and a Rainbow promise.
Guard me,guard them all!
Thank You!

Paint Your Prayers

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    Have You ever try to paint Your prayers?
I believe that anyone can paint prayers.Sometimes in life we have difficult season,in all sorts of doing,relationships..Especially in very hard time,like loosing love ones.
Few days ago my son died.Conventional prayers seemed not to be satisfying my heart.I was bleadind indise me.My adoring one was all day with me,talking and tolking through the mails.We imagined my darling son like a bird somewhere up in the timeless world.It was good thought.I loved her for stood by me.But then came night.Night with darkness,sorrow came back,my heart was breaking and breaking.In the morning I found little white fether on my window.I did smile,in my heart I take it like a sign from my son.
Then it came more taught time;time for my transplatation of bone marrow.Few days I felt good,then my body was starting to rejeck donors marrow.I was loosing my kidneys were in bad shape after so many medications and kemo theraphy.I was alone.I am alone.We are always alone in this time.
I could not reach my voice towards God,Creator of Life,Mather Nature what ever You call them deep down in Yourself.I wanted so much to live,I thought how unffair is all that.In time when I found someone who do care,i was loosing the only thing I have,my own life.
All seemed to be black.No hope.No reason for begg anyone.No one can save me from cold death.I had terible nightmares.I refuse to take anything for sleeping.Why?I wanted to be in my own bright spirit when the death come for me.
Then I remember one beautiful thing my beloved ones told me.
She,as an artist have so inspirational thoughts.I cannot share this here with You only in one reason,I want to keep her name safe down in my Heart.
I try to imagine how to paint that what She told me.So,I did paint in my mind the most beautiful picture:
marine blue sky with no clouds..two litlle birds dancing in the air,soaring and diving like the most esquizite dancers..i knew,i knew in my heart that they were praying for my life….
I was so touched by that..I could not speak,I hardly stop to breath.My picture looks like having her own live,she looked alive..all the souden I saw many bireds coming from all of the worlds,there were doing Rainbow bouquet,like my love will say..
@ & gt …….
I did knew,that was my painting with inner child prayers.I knew,nothing can be stopped what came from eternaty,my love for Her will live endless..
So,I open my bloodly heart and let her to fly.
If She doesn’t come back it would means that She never loved me in first place.
But if She come back my love with always be in Her Heart.

I do love You all!
May Lord brings You joy and Love
your friend milena

Lord bless America!

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                  My Lord,

I do came here for sharing all my thoughts.One of is defenetly You,always i am keeping Your eternal Love for each and every one of us.

Last two days I am praying for all my friends who live in USA;for Mary,Achley,Melissa,Laura,KC and her darling LilBitBear,Salty,Kathy..and above all for my Cristina and her familly.
Of course I am praying for all people in America especially who are coming on my site.
Please Lord remember the Promise sealed by Rainbow in the ancient time.
I do believe in Your Love,keep my love ones safe through all times.

Thank You Lord!

Thoughts from my Heart

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When ever I come near You i calm myself.I am not sure is it really my heart or my spirit who are always coming,never leaving.Well,I know one thing for sure,I do adore You.I love this photo;it is our own pease of Paradiso.Today is a resting day,I know that You need to rest,to calm overflowing emotions.Do not be afraid I am always here.When ever You close Your eyes and look down in Your beautiful heart;You will find us there.I dd never doubt in You.You do amazed me each time when I think of You.Can I tell You one secret?You do amuze me too.Last past days was rather long,at least for me,You did have lot of fun  I do hope so.I love to thing that You were happy doing things You like.I was imagining Your moves here in this place,when I did close my eyes I was with You ,looking and smiling.I am delighted when You are smiling..ecpecially if I have something to do with Your smile.So,Love is very imaginative,I am finding all litle things through the day and sending them to You,hoping that You will smile inside Your Heart.You said that we have only one heart,so I am hoping that You do feel how much I care and love You my adorinb beloved.

I would love to make stars dancing for You but in my mind You are most esquizite dancer.It must be really exausting sometimes to do all the practising,but You love it.I do imagine that You go again on our meddow and dance for me.Yes,i was thinking lot of Your others work,sometimes I feel that You work too much but i think that I offen forgot that You have much more energy then I do.
I do miss Your writings.Well I do miss You the minute You go.Whe You go I let myself morn a little.We poets seems to have lot of emotions in our Hearts.So,my darling I am going through the world and giving them my love.I have to.I am overhelmed with it.I can’t write all day to You,You will think that I lost my mind.Hmmm my mind is lost in love with one young poet,I did told You all about that.I am wondering when will I stop him doing this..Well,at least he do not do any harm,when in love,he loses his words..
Maybe I am wrong,maybe we are much stronger then them.I love Thee!

Eternally your

We are not Like Others

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Good morning my friend where ever You are!!
This is one of my favorite sites,the one I will chooce as site for our hearts.
They do have group at Facebook too.Did I told You that they do have radio station working full day and night,
Go and visit them,You won’t be sorry!
Be happy,smile a lot and bring Your Love a Rose!at least @>——
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