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Do not

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Do not my Love.
I know Your Heart.

Eternally your

In Dream, Love on August 10, 2011 at 5:22 pm

My beloved Clara,

When I look into Your heart I find pure Love.Love timeless like our souls are.Love which I try so many times to give,never resieved.

Looking into Your eyes,I find my existance,my reason to be alive,to go on,to breath.You were my breath in the afternoon.I send You out because I wanted You to be safe.I wanted You to breath for my life.

Whole day today I feel You,like You never leave.

I know that You came to stay for ever.Each time I feel so proud,so happy.

I do belong to You and You are my the most loved and cherished Lady i ever had in life.You is my everything.

I feel since I found You that I have never been loved before.My beloved ,my darling,made me feel loved with each and every word You wrote.

You were wind beneath my wings,You were my real true friend.But the moment when You gave me Your Love, You become the most wonderful and presious person of my life.

Eternally your,


In Pula,10th August 2011.

Your Name

In Dream, Love, Poetry on August 10, 2011 at 12:02 pm

My beloved,You hold the keys of my heart.
I watch the sun rising like a rainbow
Out of the ancient world
And shout Your Name
To the heavens.

Eternally your

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