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I have confession to make

In Dream, Love on July 30, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Today I met a glence.
Today I met one open heart.
Today I met myself in one eye.
I asked a sunny day why I am so sad?
Why are the days of Sunshine sad as a snow of sorrow to me?
Today I met a vision from my dreams of deceased don’t yes of mine.
Should I play a life a compromise?
No,I can’t.
I don’t know does She things that I am just a clown
with smile on my face and whole in my broken heart?
I can’t pretend that I am all fine.
Am I a parasite that lives by loving all what is beutiful
and escape from sadness of my never loved heart?
Sad analyze of myself.
Sad picture of lost light house.
Is it really posible that I can’t exist without Her?
Did I justify my conffesion from the biggining?However,the true is that I have met today a glance and one open Heart.
That I have met myself in one different eye.

My love,my life

In Dream, Love on July 30, 2011 at 8:40 pm

English: Obsessive Love Wheel

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My love,my life

Today I was beliving that we can find the way out of ours pain,wounds,sorrow..even regrets.
It does tearing me apart knowing that You chose not to forget.I din t need Your forgiveness in words..
Why can’t You open Your beutiful Heart once more to love beyond the pain and sorrow?
Why my love?
I did gave You life time promise that I shall never take it back.
All our sollitude are just our weakness.
We need to be angels to each other,to give each other consolation,compassion and strenght.Don’t You see my love?
Theere is a inner twilight zone in our hearts that we ourselfs can not see.Even when we know a lot about ours gifts and weaknesses,our aspirations and ambitions,our motives..large part of ourselfs remain in the shadow of consciousness.So,we will always remain partialy hidden to ourselfs.
People who love us,can often see clearly our twilight zones better than we can.The way we are seen and understood my loved ones is different from the way we see and understand ourselfs.
We will never fully know the significanse of our present in the lifes of our friends and love ones.
That’s amezing grace,a grace that calls us not only to be humility,more compassion,but to a deep trust in thoese who love us.
Somewhere I do know that without silence words loose theire meaning,that without listening spearkling no longer heals and that without distance closeness can not we’ll be cure.
My great hope is to laugh with You once more.
Wish You silent night.God bless You !

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