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To my caring friend

In Dream, Love on July 29, 2011 at 5:27 pm

My beloved,
You make me happy each and every time You come near me..I feel in my heart Your heart is widely open and listen very carefully because You come in silence.As You don t want to wake me up.I want to be aweken by You,I want to be awere of Your presence.
I love You so much and each move You make.
You was more than a confessor or therapist,You are my kindered soul.You offered me God’s forgiveness.With You, I could share my solitude,my silence and my prayers.
With You,I could look at the sky and say:”Isn t it wonderful!”
With You I didn t have to say or do something special.
With You I could be still and know that God is there with both of us.
I do belong to another world that belong to God.
So,I am free to speek even when my words are not recived;
Free to act even when my actions are critisized,ridiculed or considered useless..
I am convinced that I will trully be able to love when I fully belive that I am loved far beyond its boundaries.
As,Henry J.M.Nouwen once said:
“Dare to love and to be real friend.The love You give and resive is reality that will lead You closer and closer to God as well as thoese whom God has given You to love.”
Tu eres in mi corazon para siempre!

"Life is my gift"

In Dream, Love on July 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm

This art belong to very good friend of mine.Her name is Clara and she is one of the most wonderful person I have ever met.
Besides doing such beutiful and expresive work she is also a very tallented ballet dancer,composer,writer of poetry and prose,teacher to younger ones…
She is feminist and doing lot of research in history of woman’s rights.Quite a very interesting pilgrim on her own life journey.
She has deep compassion in her beutiful heart and she’s one of my true friend at this time of life.
I am very proud for having a privileg for knowing her,for being close to her soul&heart..we do understand each other very often without a words.
She send me this pease  of work in very special time in my life,trying without words to give me sight at presious gift of life itself.In time when I was losing my beloved,my hope and almost my desire for living.
Her Nightingale from the picture looks like her own heart.Once she gave her heart to stayed in her life forever.She gave freedom to Nightingale once..and in return,she have Nightingale forever.
I am gretful for her life.I do belive You will hear very soon her name bacause when You give Yourself openly to the world,whole Universe unite to bring You into Your own dream come true.many reached stars.
Fly,my without a fier,Your heart is going in right direction,towards the stars.Give Yourself to each and every living soul and be blessed on Your journey!
So,I wish her love&joy in life and
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