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My prayer

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Oh God bestows Your invisible hand on my head, I pray that reproduces faith in love and glory, braided Your invisible fingers in my hair, strengthen, I pray and hope for the glory of Yours, I share Your comfort and forgiveness, send me a breeze of the Holy Spirit, the perfect I love of Yours God, please hear my prayers for each and every souls I am carring in my heart.We all need Your love for today. O MY GOD,WE ALL  NEED  YOUR TOUCH!
Please,bless us all with Your forgiveness!

Thank You,my Lord!

Life journey

In Dream, Love on July 31, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Alone stranger wandering in silence
between mountains and sea dream and the time.
Restrains it rain, wind, various concerns
Protection requires the alien empty bags.
Pointed to the sky view of its moderate
Hoping the sun waiting for a flash drag.
Sun shine on the face of passengers
power will give way to search.
Search for, the fulfillment of their dreams
who will follow the path of my life.

I have confession to make

In Dream, Love on July 30, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Today I met a glence.
Today I met one open heart.
Today I met myself in one eye.
I asked a sunny day why I am so sad?
Why are the days of Sunshine sad as a snow of sorrow to me?
Today I met a vision from my dreams of deceased don’t yes of mine.
Should I play a life a compromise?
No,I can’t.
I don’t know does She things that I am just a clown
with smile on my face and whole in my broken heart?
I can’t pretend that I am all fine.
Am I a parasite that lives by loving all what is beutiful
and escape from sadness of my never loved heart?
Sad analyze of myself.
Sad picture of lost light house.
Is it really posible that I can’t exist without Her?
Did I justify my conffesion from the biggining?However,the true is that I have met today a glance and one open Heart.
That I have met myself in one different eye.

My love,my life

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English: Obsessive Love Wheel

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My love,my life

Today I was beliving that we can find the way out of ours pain,wounds,sorrow..even regrets.
It does tearing me apart knowing that You chose not to forget.I din t need Your forgiveness in words..
Why can’t You open Your beutiful Heart once more to love beyond the pain and sorrow?
Why my love?
I did gave You life time promise that I shall never take it back.
All our sollitude are just our weakness.
We need to be angels to each other,to give each other consolation,compassion and strenght.Don’t You see my love?
Theere is a inner twilight zone in our hearts that we ourselfs can not see.Even when we know a lot about ours gifts and weaknesses,our aspirations and ambitions,our motives..large part of ourselfs remain in the shadow of consciousness.So,we will always remain partialy hidden to ourselfs.
People who love us,can often see clearly our twilight zones better than we can.The way we are seen and understood my loved ones is different from the way we see and understand ourselfs.
We will never fully know the significanse of our present in the lifes of our friends and love ones.
That’s amezing grace,a grace that calls us not only to be humility,more compassion,but to a deep trust in thoese who love us.
Somewhere I do know that without silence words loose theire meaning,that without listening spearkling no longer heals and that without distance closeness can not we’ll be cure.
My great hope is to laugh with You once more.
Wish You silent night.God bless You !

To my caring friend

In Dream, Love on July 29, 2011 at 5:27 pm

My beloved,
You make me happy each and every time You come near me..I feel in my heart Your heart is widely open and listen very carefully because You come in silence.As You don t want to wake me up.I want to be aweken by You,I want to be awere of Your presence.
I love You so much and each move You make.
You was more than a confessor or therapist,You are my kindered soul.You offered me God’s forgiveness.With You, I could share my solitude,my silence and my prayers.
With You,I could look at the sky and say:”Isn t it wonderful!”
With You I didn t have to say or do something special.
With You I could be still and know that God is there with both of us.
I do belong to another world that belong to God.
So,I am free to speek even when my words are not recived;
Free to act even when my actions are critisized,ridiculed or considered useless..
I am convinced that I will trully be able to love when I fully belive that I am loved far beyond its boundaries.
As,Henry J.M.Nouwen once said:
“Dare to love and to be real friend.The love You give and resive is reality that will lead You closer and closer to God as well as thoese whom God has given You to love.”
Tu eres in mi corazon para siempre!

"Life is my gift"

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This art belong to very good friend of mine.Her name is Clara and she is one of the most wonderful person I have ever met.
Besides doing such beutiful and expresive work she is also a very tallented ballet dancer,composer,writer of poetry and prose,teacher to younger ones…
She is feminist and doing lot of research in history of woman’s rights.Quite a very interesting pilgrim on her own life journey.
She has deep compassion in her beutiful heart and she’s one of my true friend at this time of life.
I am very proud for having a privileg for knowing her,for being close to her soul&heart..we do understand each other very often without a words.
She send me this pease  of work in very special time in my life,trying without words to give me sight at presious gift of life itself.In time when I was losing my beloved,my hope and almost my desire for living.
Her Nightingale from the picture looks like her own heart.Once she gave her heart to stayed in her life forever.She gave freedom to Nightingale once..and in return,she have Nightingale forever.
I am gretful for her life.I do belive You will hear very soon her name bacause when You give Yourself openly to the world,whole Universe unite to bring You into Your own dream come true.many reached stars.
Fly,my without a fier,Your heart is going in right direction,towards the stars.Give Yourself to each and every living soul and be blessed on Your journey!
So,I wish her love&joy in life and

Woman in love

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Life is a moment to space
When the dream is gone
it’s a lonelier place

I kiss the morning goodbye
But down inside, you know we never know why
The road is narrow and long
When eyes meet eyes and the feeling is strong
I turn away from the wall,
I stumble and fall, but I give you it all

I am a woman in love
And I’d do anything to get you into my world and hold you within
It’s a right, I defend, over and over again
What do I do?

With you eternally mine
In love there is no measure of time
We planned it all at the start
That you and I live in each other’s heart
We may be oceans away
You feel my love, I hear what you say.
No truth is ever a lie,
I stumble and fall, but I give you it all.


Ooooh Yes I am a woman in love and I’m talking to you,
You know I know how you feel, what a woman can do.
It’s a right, I defend, over and over again.
What do I do.
I’m a woman in love
And I’ll do anything to get you into my world
And hold you within
It’s a right I defend ….

You all are much smarter then I and You will know the authorThoese one who knows me in realitly, knows that I lost very good part of my memory cause of medical tretmant.I am not apologizing to the author cause thoese words are meanted to be shared with all who are in love..I am just woman in love.In the most beutiful girl in the world..I lost all my memory.Only I want to remember is to love You all.
Thank each and every one of You who came here today..and many days before.
My love,I feel You as allways when ever You’re near me.Thank You for loving me.

My new status

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Yesterday I was givenn one sentence which open my eyes widely.It say:

I want all of You start to think about that quote.First I thought it was about Jesus Christ open heart.
I went out for a while and looked in the sky above me.
It was about endless love allways open for all it comes in life:smile,joy,laugh,gentle tuch as well as to pain,sorrow,tears.It should be allways open,hugging each and every person in the world.
Oh yes,that’s the only true love in life.
After each and every sorrow comes a joy.
After each and every tears comes a laugh.
After each and every death comes a new life.
After each and every selfish love comes Divane Love.

I am so greatful for all it comes in life,every pain,every wounds,every sorrow,every tears.Like I am greatful to a joy,smile,laugh.
So,I will  never ever apologize for showing my feelings,my broken and open heart because when I do so,I am allways apologizing for the truth and love inside me.
I don t want to apologize for being weak,in loved,unsecure,for wanting more( when You love You want the best from youself to give&share,to reach a shining Star,to catch the rainbow.When You don’t – You do not love. )
As Dom Helder Camara once said:
“When we are dreaming alone-it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming together it is biginning of reality.”

At last,please do not mind if I let myself and put litlle message to someone who is going to know it is for her:
Mi amor,mi vida te quierro para siempre.
Yo no puedo algo.Yo no puedo vivir sin Amor.
Gratzias,mi corazon per todo.

Beutiful She

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From this moment on…
I am lost in this world where I do not belong.
I never did,ectually  belong anywhere.
My home was allways somewere in the Heaven.
I was a dreamer whole my life.
My song was “Fly,fly,litlle one..”
I thought that I was a bird with broken wings so
I had never belong heart belongs to Sky.
I am Sappho with broken heart.
For a moment I was happy I dreamed the most beutiful dream
Were You were my Lady.
I felt young,happy,in love
I belived in each and every word You said to me.
I even planned the most incredible plans
Crossing the Ocean was just one litlle part of my plan.
Other was to ask You to merry me.
I wake up.
Time to close the my heart.
Time to fly away.
Time for going home.
Wish me,bon voayagge.

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That was song I shall allways ( para siempre ) keep in my heart.
Shania Twain
“From this moment on”

(I do swear that I ll allways be there.
I d give anything and everything and I will allways care.
Throught weakness and strength,happiness and sorrow,for better and worce,
I will love You with every beat of my heart. )

From this moment life has begun
From this moment You are the one
Right beside You is were I belong
From this moment on.
From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for Your happiness
And for Your love I d give my last breath
From this moment on.
I give my hand to You with all my heart
Can t wait to live my life with You,can t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of You.
From this moment as long as I live
I will love You,I promiss You this
There s nothing I wouldn t give
From this moment on.
All we need is just two of us
My dreams come true because of You.
From this moment as long as I live
I will love You.I promise You this
There s nothing I wouldn t give
From this moment
I will love You as long as I live
From this moment on.

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