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I am hurt

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It s so easy to hurt someone who is standing so close to You.
I never had understanding for that  kind of behaviour.
I allways thought that lesbian are more cereful,more kind,more understanding.At last that they are more woman then others.
I was wrong for putting lesbian on the pedestal.
Or maybe I am just too hurt.
It s not easy to coop with something like this.I need to hide myself.I don t want to argue with you about our rights to dissagree with something,anything.
You above all should know that.
You said that we need dialogue for progress to occur.Well,maybe you didn t mean it refair to everyone.Maybe it s for thoese you choose to have dialogue.
I really didn t need history lesson about human rughts in America.
Before I answer to anybody I look upon to whom  am I answering.Not everyboday can and will understand everything I want to share and say.But we re different.
I don t get from were did you saw I was condemning anybody,anything.Honestlly I am not that person at all.I love woman to much and I care too much to be able to condemn them.It was strange for thinking that you need to explain me what does homophobe do in there lifes.Did you really red what I wrote about part of my experianse?
Maybe you are right.maybe you wasn t answering only to me.
I will get over your answer in time.Time do recover all our wounds.
I wish You all the best in life!
with respect and love,m. 

my "NO" to Gay Pride

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My name is Milena Nikolić.I have 52 years  and whole my life I have been lesbian.Proud for being lesbian.Proud for embracing being lesbian with whole my heart,body,mind and soul.I belive in love,God and human rights for each and everyone on Earth.
All my life I stood for my rights to be lesbian.I payed very high price for this moment.Being honest to myself and to all others I do not separate my everyday life from on line life.
I made lot of wrong choises and I am awere of it.I am far of being perfect.
More then half od my life I lived upon others rules like many abused woman did.
I don t want to be abuse any more.I am not going to give them that right any more.I have my own life,my own rules and I shall make my own dessisions.
I don t Gay Pride to be proud,to be happy,to help others,and to do my share for LGBT community.My door is allways open to anybody.
I do love you all that s my Pride,that s my everyday march,my Parade!
I went thought the hell in my life.
I was at psychiatry as young girl cause I decleare myself of being lesbian.
I was disownd by my familly cause I decleare myself as besbian.
I was abused 18 lond years by my ex husbant cause being lesbian.
I lost my motherrights for children by Court cause  I am lesbian.
I was priessoned cause I decleare myself as lesbian.
I lost most of my  friends while I was lesbian.
I was throwned out of my original Church cause I am lesbian.
I was throwned out of my carismatic group cause I am lesbian.
I was out all my life and payed for being out.
Being lesbian is not joinning Gay Pride,my all life is lesbian march.
You need to stand up and recognise youself as an lesbian.No one else can or is able to fight for you.
God bless you all!

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