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Proud to be a lesbian

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Whole my life I knew I am different from other girls.
Since I was very young I felt atracted to a girls.I loved spending time with them,talking,walking even writing to them.All my dreams,wishes and desires were conected with girls.
When I grew up I was more in love with girls,women.
I know I was different and I was proud of being different.
Althou I did had many problems with first parents and all others ragarding my love for woman.Somehaw I married.Theise days I was young fool in love with my  best girl-friend.


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I fall in love with the most beutiful girl in the world.
It looks like everything is different.Whole month I am spending every minute with Her,most every.
What shall tell you about Her?
Well,she is better side of me.She is wonderful,tender,honest.
She is my caring friend,one and only soulmate and above all I am deeply in love with Her.
She changed my life in so many ways that I can t even describe.
She is my dream come true.She s my fantasy.
I can t find the right way to express my feelings to Her.

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